Bounty @ ETHMunich

Molecule Workshop / Office Hours

Molecule Protocol team will be at ETH Munich during August 11-13, 2023. Please join our Telegram group to find out where to find us!

Molecule Bounties

Molecule Protocol is a standard way to create access control for your smart contracts. The team has created examples for use cases such as KYC/AML compliance, custom allowlists/blocklists, paywalls, etc. The bounties created for ETH Munich are:

  • Most innovative use of Molecule Protocol

    • Prize (1 winner): 500 DAI

    • Can you think of how to use the access control for other use cases? The most innovative individual or team who submitted their project during the hackathon wins the prize.

  • Best improvements on Molecule Protocol

    • Prize (1 winner): 500 DAI

    • Are you able to make Molecule Protocol better? We are looking for improvements to the Molecule Protocol implementations, such as gas efficiency, compatibility with different Solidity versions, better integration with existing protocols, etc.

Reach out to our team members for any questions, and get started by checking out the current Github repo.


A hacker or a team of hackers can submit multiple projects for multiple bounties. Evaluations will be conducted fairly at the discretion of the Molecule Protocol team. It is encouraged to run your ideas by the Molecule Protocol team via the Telegram group link above.

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