Service Providers and Ecosystem

This section explains how verified users can become service providers and create their own custom Molecule Controller contracts and logic smart contracts using the templates provided by the protocol.

The Molecule Protocol provides a platform for service providers to create their own custom smart contracts and logic for various purposes such as NFT mint AllowListing, subscription payments, on-chain compliance, and more. These service providers can make use of the Molecule smart contract templates to create their own custom Molecule core smart contracts and Logic smart contracts.Anyone can become a service provider in the Molecule protocol ecosystem by getting verified.

In the Molecule Protocol ecosystem, service providers can verify their identity and credentials to provide added security and trust to their services. By creating their own custom Molecule Controller smart contracts, service providers can implement their own access control logic and custom checks, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and enhancing the security of their services.

One major benefit of the Molecule Protocol ecosystem is the ability for different verified service providers to share state data within their custom Molecule Controller smart contracts. This means that data related to compliance, security, AML checks, and more can be updated and shared among different service providers, without needing to publish new sets of data each time. This greatly reduces the gas costs and complexity involved in ensuring compliance and security for various services.

Overall, the Molecule Protocol ecosystem provides a composable infrastructure for service providers to offer secure, compliant, and efficient services, while also promoting interoperability and collaboration within the blockchain industry.

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